Iron Casting ServicesIron Casting Services

Northland Castings Corporation is happy to provide expert advice in pattern design and we have numerous sources for tooling construction.

Northland produces:

  • Gray iron – class 25 through 50.
  • Ductile Iron 60-40-18, 65-45-12, 80-55-06, 100-60-03.

Northland has the capability to aide with initial design, pattern manufacture, pattern rigging, and metallurgical requirements

On site pattern storage is also available.


Northland Castings has a melting capacity of seven ton per shift. The melting department is equipped with three Pillar 1,000 pound coreless induction furnaces with two solid state supplies with a total power capacity of 800KW.


We use a variety of molding methods including green sand jolt/squeeze molding, air set and CO2 processes. We have a floor capacity of 600 molds/shift and sand preparation capacity of six ton per hour. Northland Castings specializes in short run jobbing work.


Our cleaning department has a Wheelabrator Tumbleblast and numerous snag and bench grinding stations to provide our customers with expertly ground, 100 percent visually inspected rough iron castings.


Material testing includes CE and chill checks on the melt deck and Brinell Hardness testing during finishing.

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