Iron Casting in West Michigan

Northland Castings specializes in gray and ductile iron castings sized from ounces to 400 lbs.  We accommodate short and medium production runs, along with single piece requirements as needed.  Our ability to handle many diverse pattern sizes is our specialty.

Northland utilizes green sand squeezer, and sodium silicate bonded molding processes.  Green Sand Squeezer Molding is accomplished by 4 machines, allowing for a wide range of pattern sizes being keyed to flexibility.  The Sodium Silicate Molding process is utilized for larger castings with designs demanding tighter dimensional characters. 

Iron is produced from quality melting materials.  Melting is accomplished by two 450 kw, 600 kzh pillar power panels running three one thousand pound furnaces.

Equipment that supports quality production includes:

  • Data Cast Lab for iron analysis.
  • Wheelabrator Tumbleblast
  • Two Rotary Tumblers
  • Brinell Hardness Testing Capabilites
  • Four Snag Grinders

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